It's likely that Hydrangeagate 2011 caused you to forget that Madonna's film W.E. made its debut at the Venice Film Festival last month. Despite initial reviews that left us more excited for her upcoming album than her second directorial effort, the Dec. 9 release capitalizes on those still wrapped up in the royal wedding craze—Pippa Middleton's butt: padded or not? Discuss—and fans of Best Picture winner The King's Speech, which depicts King Edward VIII's decision to abdicate and marry his love Wallis Simpson. The official trailer shows the story of the American divorcee through two perspectives and across roughly 60 years— sort of like Julie & Julia, only more dramatic and less drool-inducing—with Abbie Cornish (Bright Star) playing the modern day woman, who for reasons unexplained in two-minute clip, becomes obsessed with the bride's story. The trailer is dark, with lots of fur coats, elaborate updos and opulent English homes. Are we crazy, or are those hydrangeas in the well manicured gardens? See for yourselves below.