Seems like Chris Brown might need to tighten up ship a little bit. From nude photos to Justin Bieber duets and now to new music videos, things just keep slipping out from his camp this week. The clip for Brown's  "Look at Me Now" leaked to the internet yesterday (much to his displeasure) and was quickly pulled by the label in advance of it officially premiering on 106 and Park last night, but now it's back up for your viewing pleasure.

The video features Chris, Busta Rhymes and Lil' Wayne chilling in some sort of neon-lit, steam-soaked netherworld, equal parts "California Love," The Fast and the Furious and the Hamsterdam from The Wire. Around the three, various truants and malcontents breeze about on skateboards and BMX bikes, while spare tires roll by like tumbleweeds and breakdance competitions break out in spurts on a giant Nintendo keypad. Meanwhile, Brown attempts to break the record for most sports teams represented in one hip-hop music video, rocking a Mets jacket, a Bulls Jordan throwback, and a Spike-esque Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson throw-way-back at various times throughout. (He can only ever hope to tie Nelly, though.)

It's not a masterpiece, but it's far from a complete embarrassment, and considering some of the greater humiliations Brown has already had to suffer this week, maybe he should have just let this 12-hours-ahead-of-schedule leak slide. Gotta learn to pick your battles, Chris.