If you could ever deem a music video "Low-Concept," it would have to be Lady Gaga's recent video for "The Edge of Glory." Not that that's meant as an insult—it's just that after the impossibly conceptual first two videos off Born This Way, not to mention every other video she's ever done, it's a little disarming to see a five-and-a-half minute clip of Gaga just dancing around a fire escape and an empty street corner, with saxophonist Clarence Clemons the only other soul in sight. No costume changes (just a typically ostentatious leather getup), no big choreographed numbers (just Gaga freestyling all over the place), and no wacky set pieces (just that abandoned street corner that looks like a lost set from a '40s film noir). It's the music video equivalent to Gaga Unplugged.

Does it work? Well, to be honest, we still need a little while to wrap our heads around it. It is good to see the Big Man in action, though, chilling on the steps like the badass he is, only stirring to give a power salute and do some trademark wailing. Let us know what you all think of the video, and get well soon, Clarence.

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