As has been pointed out already in countless bad jokes throughout the internet, Fat Joe has dropped a body in more ways than one with his new video. The south Bronx rapper formerly known for his noteworthy corpulence has slimmed down considerably, looking more like Pitbull these days than like his old cohort, the similarly aptly-named Big Punisher. Though there's plenty of other eye-catching details in the "Drop a Body" video—volcanoes, a pile of corpses, a couple booty-shakers shot in black-lit silhouette like a James Bond credit sequence—it's Jose's barely-recognizable frame that you can't take your eyes off of. (Does this mean that he's just "Joe" now? Or does he go all the way down to "Little Joe"? How sick is he gonna get of answering questions this obnoxious in the next few months?)

Not like it matters, but the song's pretty decent too, a horn-heavy banger reminiscent of Jay-Z's "U Don't Know"—and being reminiscent of a track off The Blueprint is generally a good thing. There's even a freestyle over Pusha T's "My God" for a nice little bonus at the end. Check it out, and let us know how hip-hop will ever be the same after this unexpected switch-up.