The Wonder Girls, who six years ago ignited the K-pop girl group boom that we enjoy today with their seminal K-classic, "Tell Me," delivered their final performance this week. With leader Sunye now a married woman, Wonder Girls are officially on an indefinite hiatus while the 23-year-old settles into a life of domestic bliss, leaving the other members to pursue solo activities until she decides to return.

The group held its final pre-hiatus performance this week at the closing ceremony of the Winter Special Olympics in Pyeongchang. The girls busted out their crunktastic hit, "Like This," their English single, "Like Money," and closed with their signature song, "Nobody." It was the usual kind of great showing that we've come to expect from the group --live singing and addictive choreography, topped off with a dollop of endearing awkwardness-- but it was also incredibly bittersweet. This is the last time we're going to see them on stage together for god only knows how long. It could be nine months, it could be years, it could be never (worst case scenario, of course). Even though their career has cooled a little in the past two years, the Wonder Girls are such an influential and iconic part of K-pop that their absence is going to leave a noticeable hole in the industry. It's almost like the Korean equivalent of Britney bowing out of the spotlight to get hitched and failing to confirm any concrete date for her return. Oh wait, she already did that when she met K-Fed, and it was an utter living hell for each and every pop fan on the entire planet.

Fingers crossed that Sunye gets itchy feet by Christmas, and the Wonder Girls make a stunning comeback by this time next year. Think it into existence, Wonderfuls!