Normally, today would be a miserable work day of ticking the seconds away on the clock until sweet release from school or the office is granted. But now, in a post-Rebecca Black world, every Friday is cause for all-day celebration. The latest to come to this discovery are Today Show hosts Hoda Kotb and Matt Bomer (that guy from Chuck), who took a break from their busy schedule of guest chefs and spring-fashion-must-haves to lead a "Friday" sing-along. (Suck it, GMA). Never mind that neither seems to know any of the words (well, except for one)—they get a little into the groove, and soon enough, Hoda's got this, Matt's got this.

Watch the video below, about 7:40 in:

"They criticize it for being inane and stupid, with the lyrics—I sorta like it," admits Hoda. Well, Hoda, clearly, you're not the only one, as enough people seem to like the song unironically to shell out the $1.29 necessary to send it to No. 23 (!!) on the iTunes chart. "Don't worry about what those people say on the internet—you keep doing your thing, baby," says Matt. Word.