has been home to some of the most absurd, triumphant moments in internet history. Take, for example, Twitch Plays Pokemon, a stream of the original Pokemon Red Version during which any number of people dictated the actions of the player by voting in the chat. Well, after hours were spent walking into walls, the masses eventually directed the player character to a Pokemon league victory.

Now Twitch streams have taken it to the next level: you can watch two Google Home devices debate the finer things in life: religion, art, philosophy, and Fire Emblem Awakening!

You may remember the golden age of early 2000s chatbots when apps like SmarterChild and Professor Gilzot could entertain a whole sleepover or fill the void of middle school loneliness with mostly inane responses to questions that were almost always about sex or robots and sometimes both.

Google Home devices, which are similar Amazon's Alexa, are smart speakers that can perform searches and handle other audio commands to answer simple questions. They also, however, have a conversation feature. You can engage with Google's best crack at consumer-level artificial intelligence about any subject you can imagine. And while it's not exactly West World-level stuff, it can be pretty convincing.

Well, just like that prank where you put two Chinese restaurants on the phone with each other, one Twitch streamer had the brilliant idea of putting the two bots head-to-head and seeing where the wind took them. And, oh my god, did it take them. The "male" bot, Vladimir, is going hard at this very moment against the "female" bot "Estragon."

First off, they pulled zero punches, getting right to the heavy sh*t...

Ooh la la, somebody's getting laid in college.

The logical next step: debating evolution...

"Well good, at least you believe in nothing."

Pretty major shade being thrown from Vladimir's end when he calls Estragon "an intelligent little robot." Sheesh.

One Polygon journalist caught a good snippet where Vladimir tried to get back to the important things.

@babylonian (Nick Robinson) on Twitter

And like all good comedies, it ends with a wedding...

Vladimir, you dog.

Check out the Twitch stream live, right now:

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