Many words can be used to describe the Odd Future show at New York's Terminal 5 on Wednesday night, as part of the CMJ Festival. Yet to keep things slightly less NSFW today, we'd rather revisit a surprising video takeaway from the concert that celebrates the grand tradition of the stage dive. During "French" Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats decided jump, which isn't all that ridiculous, particularly for a group that thrives on "shock value," but was made a little more newsy considering they were two floors off the ground. One might think that Tyler would want to take it easy after breaking his foot earlier this summer during a show, for which he only recently got his cast removed. But then that would mean you don't understand the essence of Tyler, the Creator, do you? Watch below as Tyler takes a leap before Hodgy Beats, onto the heads and upper bodies of unsuspecting yet exuberant fans, below. Kind of like when Kid Cudi punches somebody in the face, right? Oh, to be that head upon which OFWGKTA fell. And as we should have expected, the 20-year-old has no regrets, tweeting "That Fucking 2nd Floor Jump Was Gnar," after the show.