Beyonce is almost certainly pregnant. Everyone can agree on that, right? The much-bandied clip from that Australian TV interview is probably a case of camera angles, fabric movement or both, but judging by how much people are freaking out about this, you'd think we've somehow been beamed into Chicago, and in a week or so popular clamor will get a doctor hired to "prove" that yes, she is. (Cheat sheet.)

Wendy Williams may or may not believe Beyonce's pregnant, but that won't stop her, in this viral clip, from playing, then replaying, then slo-mo playing, then freeze-framing the interview clip and recounting every possible rumor. You know the tactic: "I don't believe all these ludicrous conspiracy theories--but I'll repeat them here anyway! I'm not saying they're true, but these are just rumors. They exist." Or, as Williams calls it, analyzing. she calls it. Aside from analyzing, we've got oversharing ("I've had so many miscarriages"), soundbites ("Anyone who's had a smothered pork chop or a good burrito!"), and live demonstrations: two ostensibly pregnant women in obviously clingy dresses sit down in chairs, which is apparently a direct one-to-one comparison with Beyonce.

Hey, we can do this too! Beyonce is totally not pregnant; she just ate one of the blueberry pies from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and is slowly turning into Violet Beauregarde. We're not saying this is true. We're just saying it's a conspiracy theory. By no means should you spread it around; absolutely do not repost or retweet it. It's just that on Popdust, we like to give you as much information as possible. Now go listen to 4.