Wiz Khalifa's new video for the song "Taylor Gang" deeply reflects the essential values of the Taylor Gang, a.k.a his crew and his fans: Smoke so much weed. With your friends. In a house.

The video features Khalifa and company illuminated by a single, overexposed spotlight. It feels voyeuristic—one female participant's face is obscured by a manic smiley face—but it also lacks menace and feels improvised, as if we are stationed among Khalifa's crew and we are also completely high, shuffling through whole packs of people in unfashionable basements. Meanwhile, Khalifa delivers lyrics that don't so much elaborate on this theme as much as reinforce it bluntly: "Rolex, mo' sex, good weed, no stress," he raps, and which he later rhymes in his candid, free-associative style with "Lift weights, Boflex."