Celine Dion makes a bid for 2014 with her "Incredible" collaboration with hip-hop star Ne-Yo. As the third single from Love Me Back To Life, the trickle piano tune is laced together with a thumping bass track and is one of the most unlikely pairings of the year.

The track was co-written by Ne-Yo, Andrew Goldstein and Emanuel Kiriakou and balances between catchy hook and meaningful storytelling. In the four-minute clip, Dion and Ne-Yo swap lines and take in the city landscape, as interpretative dancers present the lyrics of the brooding ballad in gliding fashion.  "I've had a 30-year career, so I'm not going to reinvent myself," the pop diva had said about her new album, her first English-language set in six years. "But at the same time, I don't want to repeat myself."

She added,  "'Loved Me Back to Life' offers a sound that I think is still me, but in a fresh way. There are still powerful ballads, but they sound younger."

Well, Dion is certainly right about that last point. "Incredible" is a vibrant undertaking, sampling the dance-club trend at Top 40, while still clutching to her signature power notes.



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