Watch—Destiny's Child Reunites For Michelle Williams' 'Say Yes' Music Video

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Michelle Williams' new single "Say Yes," has brought the hearts of Destiny's Child back together.

Three voices, one gospel-club banger, and a music video reunion was the only thing the world has been waiting for a long time.  Maybe it's time to realize that a Destiny's Child album reunion will never happen, but who cares? This track is hot and we get Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Williams on it.  Nobody complain, just let your ears do the listening.  This is not the first time Destiny's Child has come together for a reunion.  Who could forget about the Super Bowl performance last year? Plus, the girls probably meet up once a month to grab some tea.

The "Say Yes" music video premiered June 18 on VEVO.  The three take turns in their own spotlight.  Williams takes the first verse as she sings in a back alleyway on a broken road.  The first fifteen seconds of the video includes fades to several different takes.  She rocks a colorful striped-patterned top and ripped capris-length jeans.  She is shown in two different places including the back alleyway and some kind of park or backyard with trees and lanterns.  Beyonce takes the second verse and rocks her braids.  Does anyone actually need to talk about how Queen B is flawless? You already know she nails her part every time.  Despite Bey's angelic vocals, she doesn't overpower the song or the video, she respects her two gal-friends and gives them their deserving spotlight.  Bless Bey, bless.  Rowland takes the third verse and rocks a new short hair do.  Nearing to the end of the track and video, the three come together to perform in front a small crowd.

The track and video for "Say Yes," only encourages and sends positive vibes.  The music video's concept is so simple, yet says so much.  Just listening to the track makes you want to smile.  "Say Yes" is the first single off of Williams' upcoming fourth studio album Journey to Freedom which is set to release on September 9.

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