You've all wondered what Ed Sheern would look and act like as a muppet, right? That's not just us? Well, for the British singer-songwriter's brand new music video "Sing," fans are given a ride for their life. As the real-life Sheeran jams out on his guitar, the muppet Ed blazes a trail of debauchery at the local club. Oh, and Muppet Ed is also quite the heavy weight drinker.

As the night unfolds, Muppet Ed has shot after shot and drink after drink--schmoozing all over a group of young ladies. One thing leads to another: even a cute make-out session! What seems like an innocent evening of fun, fun, fun, ultimately ends with an arrest, only after the muppet character tantalizes human Sheeran into joining him. Muppet Ed doesn't understand the fine line between control and drunk driving. Uh oh!

Pharrell Williams also makes an appearance, not sure how to take Muppet Ed and his antics.

"Sing" is the lead-in to Sheeran's forthcoming X album, set for a June 23rd release. The video is running exclusively on his Facebook page today (May 22).

Beware of the hip-thrusting muppet...and don't forget to grab a copy of "Sing" on iTunes now!


Check it out:


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