You never asked for it, but here it is: Jason Derulo's hit single "Wiggle," which celebrates big round booty, has a facelift. It's not what you'd expect either. Thanks to man's best friend, and in partnership with The Pet Collective, we have a delightfully bizarre remix.

"You know what to do with that furry tail...waggle, waggle, waggle!" goes the re-imagined version, composed by Alex Collister. "Just sniff a little..." And file that under: Things I Never Ever Wanted To Know In My Lifetime.

In the clip, dogs of all breeds, colors and coat length are paraded around like slabs of meat. Utterly charming! (No, seriously, this is pretty adorable, admittedly.)

The original version currently sits at No. 5 on the Hot 100 on this week's chart, bolstered by streaming honors (rising 10-5). Elsewhere, the sure-fire summer smash finds success on several other rosters: 7-3 on Streaming Songs; 6-5 on Digital Songs; No. 36, on Radio Songs. It's the modern-day "Baby Got Back," only with a bit more groove.

Recently, Derulo made his country debut at the 2014 CMT Music Awards, taking the stage with his previous chart-leader "Talk Dirty." He was joined by Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan for the performance, which also included a new version of "This Is How We Roll." A remix of that No. 1 country song will be hitting airwaves this summer, too!



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