With summer now officially in full swing, we've been needing another reason to want to take a cruise--and now we do. Maroon 5 leads us to the tropics with their just-released "Maps" lyric video, which features spinning flowers and palm trees.

Call us crazy, but that's certainly a tease for a good time! "All the roads you took came back to me. So I'm following the map that leads to you, the map that leads to you," Adam Levine sings on the larger-than-life chorus. "Ain't nothing I can do...the map that leads to you--following, following, following to you. The map that leads to you...ain't nothing I can do. The map that leads to you...following, following, following."

Maroon 5 have now followed the song to a record start on Adult Pop Songs upon release, bowing at No. 16 on the chart. With 1,909 first-week plays, the tune broke records for the best opening week plays in the chart's 18-year history, according to Billboard. The song also charged in at No. 18 on Pop Songs.

"Maps," a breezy love anthem, serves as the lead offering to the band's forthcoming album V (out Sept. 2).

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Take a look:

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