December's coming up, the month during which lots of you are gonna be "requested" to attend holiday "parties" while wearing too many sleeve-to-hem sequins, crushed velvet and bowties, and met with some nice guy who'll slough wax or cement over your face until it looks like an unnatural smile/grimace. Right?

Seriously, though: whenever Madame Tussaud's unveils new wax figures--these two are from New York--the reaction's either "so real!" or "so really horrifying!" These are the latter. MTV called them "terrifying," which makes sense; there's an undeniable touch of the Addams. (It's probably Justin's outfit or his stare, or maybe Selena's crossed arms, or the curtains.) At any rate, if they were going for "we're attending this get-together because we're obligated to, but nevertheless, please socialize with us as little as possible"--fantastic work.

Eeeagh. Here, here's a video montage one of the fine folks of YouTube fandom did, to remind you what these people really look like.