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Meet Parisian phantasmagoric dance-pop duo SACRE, Hawaii and Sukil, who released "00:00AM HADES'S BLESSING" today.

The song is about an android gas attendant, Android 6419, who experiences love and becomes sentient. He and his paramour, Bebe, want to get married. So Sukil takes them to Hades, an underground priest who lives with a pig.

"00:00AM HADES'S BLESSING is from SACRE's forthcoming debut LP, Love Revolution, featuring 12-tracks. Each track relates the story of one of 12 characters over the course of 12 hours. SACRE emerged last year with their debut EP, The Call, followed by remixes from Gigamesh and Elephanz. Then they dropped their single "Lemonade," which hit the number two spot on Hype Machine.

Hawaii and Sukil are full circle creators, writing, singing, producing, and designing all aspects of their projects.

"00:00AM HADES'S BLESSING" opens on soft radiant creamy tones, followed by dual mellow vocal layers, one low and hushed, the other gleaming with dulcet flavors. When the two tones merge, the harmonic blend takes on sweet glowing resonance. The flow of the music provides an intoxicating sonic vista, subtle, elusively beautiful, and alluring.

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