Things are really heating up for JYJ. Fresh from settling their longstanding legal feud with SM Entertainment and announcing plans to drop a new album in mid-2013, the trio have now confirmed that member Jaejoong will release his own solo EP in January.

The EP will be the 26-year-old's first proper solo release, and instead of going down the typical pop or ballad path, Jaejoong's going rock 'n' roll. He's collaborated closely with Kim Ba Da from the legendary Korean metal band, Sinawe, on the project, with Da Ba stating that he hopes Jaejoong will be recognized as, "an artist, rather than an idol," after the album's release. Gaining some artistic credibility shouldn't be too hard for Jaejoong, as he's already one of the select few K-pop stars who writes and composes their own songs.

INFINITE's Sungyu recently found success with a rock-influenced solo album, so the chance of Jaejoong --a much bigger star than Sungyu-- storming the charts is high. Plus, with his anime character good looks, he's really only one wild wig and some guyliner away from being a certified visual kei J-rocker.