We Can't Stop Listening to Psy's "Gentleman," But is One of the Lyrics About Gonorrhea?

We've now listened to international superstar Psy's uber-catchy "Gentleman"—his sophomore effort after "Gangnam Style" broke the internet—at least 6 times since it was released an hour ago. It doesn't have a signature dance attached to it yet, but we already love it. Still, we have a few questions.

Watch the "Gentleman" music video, and get our inside take on it!

1. What kind of "Gentleman" are you?

Are you a mutha-fucking gentleman? A mutha-fucka gentleman? OR a mother-father gentleman?


2. Are you singing about STD's?

Korean is not our mother-father tongue, but during the verse, we think we're hearing the word "gonorrhea" several times.


3. Is there a scientific formula you use to determine the length of your pre-chorus build-up?

The amount of elapsed silence creates something so perfect, it had to have been doctored in a lab.


4. What is a "mother father gentleman?"

Even if it's not the lyric, our minds are spinning. A chivalrous single father?


That's all for now. Shout out to all the mother father gentlemen!

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