Fame can be a messy thing to quantify. You can look at sales charts, sure, or the YouTube trending list, but in our fragmented media landscape it's possible to top the charts without ever reaching beyond a small niche audience. How does the greater American public feel about the pop stars its teens and tweens adore? The genius quants over at Public Policy Polling decided to find out!

First, they treated pop stars like they were politicians, getting an approval rating for some of the biggest names in the game.

We knew everyone hated Chris Brown, but Bieber's low approval rating shocked us. Turns out very few people like Justin Bieber, with guys liking him least of all.

Then they asked which pop stars America would want to see in the White House one day, including some Constitutionally-dubious stars. (Adele, Rihanna and Bieber are all ineligible for the presidency as they were born to foreign parents outside the United States.) Surprisingly, Americans would rather see Chris Brown in the White House than Rihanna.

And, if the White House is a stretch, how would we like to see Justin Timberlake spend his time? The answer varied by gender quite a bit.

In conclusion, what did the researchers learn?

A new music-oriented poll from Public Policy Polling finds widespread support for several genres and music and artists—but Americans are united in their dislike for teen pop sensation Justin Bieber.

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