We Have A Tracklisting For Pink's "The Truth About Love"

Look, we've got a P!nk album tracklisting! First the album cover, complete with Carly Rae Jepsening, then the tracklisting.

1. Are We All We Are

2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

3. Try

4. Just Give Me a Reason

5. True Love

6. How Come You’re Not Here

7. Slut Like You

8. The Truth About Love

9. Beam Me Up

10. Walk of Shame

11. Here Comes the Weekend

12. Where Did the Beat Go?

13. The Great Escape

Not bad! The track titles, that is. Sure, judging track titles might not be the most productive thing to, but we can't pre-judge the music here based on one song. It's a particularly bad idea for P!nk; her closest analogue in the music industry right now is probably Kelly Clarkson, and Stronger sounded completely different than the first polished radio single would indicate. Pre-judging titles, though? Fair game. We'll do it with superlatives so that no one thinks we're making grand predictions, but we will do it nevertheless. Witness:

Greatest Expectations: "Just Give Me a Reason." Name yourself this close to a Tracy Chapman track, you're setting the bar pretty high.

Most Likely To Be A High-Concept Ballad: "Where Did the Beat Go." It's the second-to-last track, it's a question, it's sequenced after something that's just got to be uptempo, and--most importantly--P!nk's done this concept before with "God Is a DJ."

Most Likely To Be About A Guy: "Slut Like You."

Most Likely To Have One Or More Groan-Worthy Puns: "Beam Me Up." If you know Pink and your name is Scott (first or last, doesn't matter), this track might be about you.

Most Promising P!nk Track That This Reminds Us Of: "Waiting For Love," an album track from Try This. One ballad like this and the whole album will be worth it.

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