We told you a few weeks ago about #ExilePitbull, the Something Awful-led movement to try to send Pitbull to play at a Wal-Mart in Kodiak, Alaska—for no other reason than the fact that sending Mr. 305 to play at the closest thing the U.S. has to a frozen tundra would be pretty hilarious. Well, the Pitbull fans weren't going to take that, and they've launched a counter-strike: #KeepPitbull305, trying to get the entertainer to play in—you guessed it—the Sunshine State.

The Miami New Times has an entire play-by-play of the back-and-forth between the #Exile# and #Keep movements—including the participation of @Pitbull himself—but suffice to say, the movement was insufficient. The Hilaleah Wal-Mart in Florida that the #Keep movement was championing barely eclipsed 1,000 likes on Facebook—but a fraction of the 70,000-plus that the Kodiak Wal-Mart has accrued. It looks like Pitbull might be heading to our 49th state after all.

Sorry, Pitbull fans. It's like how that old John Mellencamp song goes—Fight the Internet, the Internet always wins.