We can all feel inferior to Jason Segel superfan Chelsea Gill. Rather than creating a Twitter account dedicated to her favorite celebrity or writing a secret five-act opera inspired by any one of his adorable features, the Indiana University student decided to actually do something about her little crush. Taking a page from last fall's Marine Ball invitation method of choice, Gill took to YouTube to express her feelings for the "fucking hot" Muppets star—through song. Making her way through an original arrangement, Gill sweetly and candidly won over HIMYM and LOTR diehards with creative lines like "Oh Jason Segel, you are the ring to my Smeagol," before easing into her request for a quirky ballad and a drinks date—on her. She's legal! And single! But she's flexible on the terms—"just friends" is acceptable, but certainly not preferred.

Sure, this gimmick is "hit or miss," considering Gill's clip currently has less than 2,000 views on YouTube and she may have come on a little strong. But it's all about which eyes are doing the viewing. "My favorite thing, maybe ever. I am in awe. Response on the way," Segel tweeted on Wednesday night. "I'm gonna need a couple days on this one." And with that, she's already won—be sure to check out the cute congratulations from the YouTube community. This also gives us hope that our homemade nursery rhymes for Babyonce will one day be played in the pristine Knowles-Carter home. Knowing Segel's predilection for music—and Muppets—we are confident part two of this glorious fan-celeb saga is going to be good. Vampire musical!