The singer we previously dubbed "The 21st Century's Most Underrated Pop Star" might just also be The 21st Century's Most Underrated Dance Talent, as show in the new music video for "Try". We've seen her perform up in the air, flying (while singing!) her way through "Sober" at The 2009 MTV VMAs. We've also seen her blow us "One Last Kiss" at this year's VMAs up in the rafters of Los Angeles' Staples Center.

Now, Pink hints that perhaps she'll be joining the cast of "So You Think You Can Dance" (she's way beyond "Dancing With The Stars" at this point) with an impressive modern dance performance in "Try" -- as she and her dance partner throw each other around an empty house, mimicking the violent throws of a tortured romance.

We've dissected the words of "Try" before: does the video match the song's story?