In case you missed it—and, seriously, how did you pull that one off—Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a baby and named it "North West." Hold for laughs.

One guys who has been holding for laughs since birth is a Pennsylvanian acupuncturist by the name of—you guessed it—North West. We spoke to Mr. West on the phone, and the polite 'puncture pro dished on life with this unique (and apparently androgynous) name.


Popdust: First of all, are you aware that you share a name with the most famous celebrity baby in the world?

North West: Ha, yes. My wife called me when she found out. I didn't even know what the woman [Kim Kardashian] looked like. I had friends and people I went to school with email me saying, "That's insane."


Popdust: Are your clients treating you any differently?

North West: Where I'm living, most people aren't up on all that stuff. We got a lot of Amish people.


Popdust: Gotcha. Was it hard having a name like "North West" growing up?

North West: Well, it's always been a plus, an attention-getter with lots of blessings. It always worked really well with the ladies. The name is interesting and intriguing. Girls wanted to know the man behind the name.

Popdust: Well done, you! But, it must have been hard sometimes. Like, at graduation?

North West: Well, I didn't go to graduation. I graduated but I didn't go to graduation. I guess at any kind of venue where my name was coming up on a list, I always felt a little...apprehensive. Whenever they call your name, everyone's head turns. You sit there thinking, "Oh here it comes, here it comes." Whoever's reading the name will stare at the paper thinking it's a joke.


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Popdust: Was there a meaning behind your name? Are your parents a couple of comedians?

North West: Actually, my dad wasn't much of a talker. I never asked him. Maybe it was—you know that Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue?"

Popdust: Yeah, where the "meanest thing" his dad did to him was name him Sue...?

North West: Well, he named him "Sue" so he'd grow up tough. Maybe it was the same thing with my dad.


Popdust: Did you have any nicknames?

North West: South East.


So, there you have it. Having a name like North West isn't all that bad! Hopefully North West (celebrity spawn) will have the same attitude as North West (acupuncturist). We're already sensing a Karate Kid type mentorship in their future...