Remember all the ado about Skylar Grey only having ONE COLLABORATOR on her debut album Invinsible, a collaborator whose name was for months lost to the nope-not-saying-it winds? Well, it's not lost anymore. That person is... this isn't suspenseful, see the headline! Marilyn Manson! (Who also is responsible for that horrible pun.) The track's called "Can't Haunt Me," and it's about zombies. How predictable. But even more predictable is some actual prediction! Namely, ours. Because we totally called this more than two months ago.

Here's what we wrote on May 19. No, we're not just bragging (OK, maybe we're humble-bragging); this explains why the collaboration exists:

Marilyn Manson is in fact the frontrunner. This makes more sense than you’d think:

Exhibit A: Manson has a 2011 album in the works, in case you’re not up on his continued music career. What better timing to start showing up on more famous people’s tracks? After all, if Skylar Grey can help the world stop forgetting about Dre (whose Detox is about eight years gestating now), Manson’s not entirely a remote possibility.

Exhibit B: Manson, Grey and Alex da Kid are apparently bizarro BFFs, having been spotted together in pictures and tweets. If pictures are gonna lead to collaborations, though, we’d much rather hear a (completely hypothetical) Lindsay Lohan track.

So: yay us. Yay also to Rap-Up, who also speculated on this point. As far as the track itself? "Dance Without You" was good, "Invisible" was not, so we reserve judgment. At the very least, it has to be better than that pun.