It had to be Weezer. Nobody else would see the surreal comedy value and/or commercial potential in an indie-rock cruise vacation besides those try-anything-once-and-sometimes-twice weirdos. So yes, the Weeze have booked a nice little cruise for themselves, their fans, and over a dozen of their closest friends in the biz—including such current underground luminaries as Yuck, Wavves and Free Energy, and older favorites like Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr.—for early next year. The ship (known as the Carnival Destiny) will head from Miami to Cozumenl, Mexico from January 19th to the 23rd, with Weezer performing two shows, holding a Q&A, and even posing for photos. (You may have to bring your own Blue/Green/Red backdrops, though.)

So what will all this set you back? Well, a double cabin costs $799 per person, which with port and tax fees (an extra $179) will bring you close to an even thousand total. Still, for four days' worth of primo rock on the high seas—and by the way, food, drinks, events and 24-hour room service (!!!) are all included in the cost—there are probably worse ways you could spend your hard-earned cash over a four-day weekend. For instance, you could go to Vegas and bet it all on black. Sure, it would be great if it hit, but what if it didn't? Then you're broke, and you still have 95 hours left of vacation to wish you had put it on red instead. No, the Weezer Cruise is a much surer bet.

Let's go away for a while...