Consider it high praise when a band that's released eight albums decides to cover your breakout hit during their live show. The summer of Weezer covers continues, as the band performed Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" at the Pacific Amphitheater for the Orange County Fair series on Thursday night. Rather than take a completely faithful approach, Foster's catchy whistling was replaced with sweeping strings, creating a much more dramatic sound, yet still conveying carefree summertime fun, opening the door for a potential Foster-Weezer mashup opportunity.  ("Pumped Up Island In The Sun," anyone?). With this cover as an unofficial endorsement from Rivers Cuomo, along with the MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Rock Video, how long before we stop calling these California guys newcomers? Get your weekend started off right by listening to some of the original indie boys take on one of the fastest moving summer jams on the charts.