Weird Al's costume designer and Photoshop team all deserve Oscars. The full version of "Perform This Way" dropped, and it's... something. "All of the fabric freaks I know probably just spontaneously combusted," said one commenter.

Not on fire yet? Maybe all the costumes are too much for you! Watch it below (or buy it; all proceeds go to the Human Rights Campaign), then read on as we catalogue every single outfit in this thing.

The Monochrome Bikini: 0:08 - 0:19; 0:58 - 1:12; 2:15 - 2:21

The black and white top and solid black bottom are inobtrusive enough not to distract from your pink egg, your marquee dance sessions, or prison!

Gaga Inspiration: "Born This Way". Alternatively, the bikinis in the "Telephone" video, as seen through Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" black-and-white lens?

WTF Rating: 0.5/5

The Bubble Dress: 0:21 - 0:25

Sculpted bubbles: still much better than that horrific bubble-top trend last decade.

Gaga Inspiration: This Rolling Stone cover.

WTF Rating: 2.5/5

The Horsehead Pinata: 0:27 - 0:33

The perfect outfit for playing human chess with human pinatas who like snap bracelets. All one of them.

Gaga Inspiration: This ensemble, perhaps? Or maybe the whole pony motif on Born This Way.

WTF Rating: 3.5/5

The Sequined Viking Koopa: 0:35 - 0:40

It's a dress and a weapon! And you still get to work a bustier!

Gaga Inspiration: This, plus turtle spikes.

WTF Rating: 3/5

The Police-Taped Habit: 0:41 - 0:48

Lends just the right amount of disdain and Catholic outrage to peering at yourself in the newspaper.

Gaga Inspiration: The police tape, of course, plus the habit and yellow hair.

WTF Rating: 3/5/5

The Cheeseshop: 0:49 - 0:51

It's a dress and a snack, and unlike other food fashion, it's OK to eat if it's raw!

Gaga Inspiration: This outfit comes close, no?

WTF Rating: 3/5

The Gaga Made Of Bees: 0:52 - 0:57

After coating your torso in live, stinging animals, like you're a swirling vortex of bees, you'll never worry about stage fright again. (Possibly because this will kill you.)

Gaga Inspiration: A beehive is close enough, right?

WTF Rating: 4/5

Trollface: 1:13

It's a Troll Doll. We have left the Haus of Gaga, and the Haus of Full-Body Shots.

Gaga Inspiration: Troll Dolls.

WTF Rating: 1/5

Evil Queen: 1:14 - 1:15

The Evil Queen from Snow White, probably purchased from a costume store. Step it up, Al.

Gaga Inspiration: Snow White's Evil Queen.

WTF Rating: 1/5

Gelatinous Jellybean: 1:15 - 1:17

Gaga does like to distort her figure through fashion, but never quite this Mr. Potato Head.

Gaga Inspiration: These sunglasses and bullet bangs. And a jellybean.

WTF Rating: 2/5

The Juggalo Reaper: 1:17 - 1:19

Do we even need to give a description here? Just go to your local Halloween store and add face paint.

Gaga Inspiration: The Grim Reaper. (Or maybe the Mugler preview.) Thankfully, after this, Al gets back to not going entirely literal on the lyrics.

WTF Rating: 1/5

The Halter of Gold: 1:20 - 1:28

Farrah hair with rock 'n' roll red highlights, a gold cone bra and a cross: your standard Gaga potpourri of influences.

Gaga Inspiration: This gold getup, plus halter, minus shoulder gear.

WTF Rating: 2/5

The Self-Immolating Intestinal Bikini: 1:29 - 1:35

Red latex bikini? Sure, why not. Hat made of colorful eyeballs? At least it's partially red. Your intestines coming out of a bloody hole in your stomach, which you later set on CGI fire? We really hope Gaga isn't reading this.

Gaga Inspiration: Let us all be thankful that a red bikini is the closest she ever got.

WTF Rating: 5/5

The Whimsical Porcupine Hat: 1:36 - 1:43

That'd be a live porcupine singing "hey hey hey," with a fluffy cloud bikini and showgirl skirt that really aren't the point of anything.

Gaga Inspiration: She's worn a sparkly lobster before. Why not a mammal? They're the perfect spirit animal!

WTF Rating: 3.5/5

The Gyroscopic Eyelet Dress: 1:44 - 1:51

The whole cosmos shrunk to the size of an oversized headdress, with a teal shrug and eyelet boobs because why not?

Gaga Inspiration: The lobster hat again, minus the lobster, plus Katy Perry thrown in.

WTF Rating: 3.5/5

The Gold Lame Straightjacket: 1:52 - 1:58

It's a straitjacket. Made of gold lame. And a silver wig and taffy-bloody mouth for some reason.

Gaga Inspiration: The straitjacket that she wore to the airport.

WTF Rating: 3/5

The Meat-Lover's Special: 1:59 - 2:06

So there was this one time this one singer wore a meat dress to an awards show, although at least Weird Al was kind enough to get his knockoff inspected.

Gaga Inspiration: Gee, I wonder.

WTF Rating: 2/5 (you knew it would happen)

The Peacock Furry: 2:07 - 2:09

The galumphing blue, feathered Muppet that doesn't exist yet.

Gaga Inspiration: None that we know of. (None that we want to know of.)

WTF Rating: 3.5/5

Willy Wonky: 2:10 - 2:12

If Gene Wilder's character, or perhaps Tom Petty, had sunglasses and a moving train on his hat just for lols. But still no Gaga.

Gaga Inspiration: This is getting too easy.

WTF Rating: 2/5

Frankenstein's Monster: 2:13

It's... like a poster come to life? (It's also Frankenstein's monster.)

Gaga Inspiration: At least this is clearly the Boris Karloff Frankenstein's monster, but we are still out of the Haus of Gaga.

WTF Rating: 1/5

The Na-Vi: 2:14

It's... like an Avatar poster come to life? (It's also not "Avatar".)

Gaga Inspiration: Come on.

WTF Rating: 1/5

The Birthday Suit: 2:22 - 2:29

Pixellated out where you'd expect, although it's disturbing enough that this body contains Al's head.

Gaga Inspiration: We're frankly surprised there's not any obvious inspiration--or if there is, we don't want to see your search history.

WTF Rating: 2.5/5

The Violet, Tentacled Taj Mahal: 2:30 - 2:37

Sequined purple lingerie isn't regal enough without a Taj Mahal replica on your head. Then add octopus tentacles, because what this outfit clearly needs is octopus tentacles.

Gaga Inspiration: Yeah, you've still got us.

WTF Rating: 4.5/5

The Barbie Zebra Leotard: 2:38 - 2:55

Clingy, gaudy, and it's perfect for doing splits and showing off man-ass! Which Al does. At least the video ends with, ah, spectacle?

Gaga Inspiration: A less glitzy, less covered version of this.

WTF Rating: 2/5