Freaky Friday—Actirasty—When Your Hots for the Sun are Hotter than the Sun Itself

There's a fetish where people are sexually aroused by the sun's rays. Sounds hot!

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weird fetishes sun actirasty—getting hot for the sun seems creepy on a galactic level.

Actirasty sounds weird and rightfully so.

As per Huffington Post, it's an arousal to the sun's rays.

The sun is hot, but getting hot for the sun seems creepy on a galactic level. When UV rays are giving you a "raise" (if you know what I mean), then perhaps some time under an umbrella would do your body good.

A little sun is great for you, even doctors say so. Vitamin D, some natural daylight, a slight warmth to the skin, all fine in small doses.

But arousal to the sun? The whole concept has a grey cloud over it.

You can probably pick those who dabble in actirasty out of a crowd.

The blistered skin and leathery, wrinkled complexion are immediate giveaways.

Tan lines that look like zebra stripes and freckles where the sun doesn't (usually) shine make this sun-worshipper even hornier.

You may find these sexed-up sun seekers in warmer climates, frequenting beaches (probably nude ones), and always driving with the top down.

No sunglasses required when staring dangerously into their beloveds burning rays.

Any threat of peeling skin, sun poisoning, or even melanoma could stop this steamy love affair.

And the sun always fires back with even more passionate heat.

Every day at sunrise, these sensual solar sexpots awaken to their suitor's first beams, whipping open the blinds to catch the morning glimpse of their hot lover up above.

Dreary, overcast days seem endless when a tanning bed becomes the only way to satisfy the burning desire for the real thing.

Day lamps and fluorescent lighting only go so far when it comes to the level of intensity the powerful sun can provide.

"Fun in the sun" used to sound so innocent and carefree and suddenly it's become a pseudonym for something much more perverse.

Who knew the "S" in S & M stood for "Sun?"

Heatstroke is the ultimate orgasmic experience for these shade-fearing folks.

Beaches are like brothels and planetariums become pornos.

Sunny days will never seem as bright ever again. Can someone hand me the sunscreen?


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