With recent news of late-night hangouts with Lindsay Lohan and preparation for her upcoming film debut, one might forget that Lady Gaga has a new album in the works. Despite being in the middle of her enormous worldwide tour, Gaga wants to adhere to her typical breakneck work pace, alluding to the title of her newest project via photos of a new tattoo she shared on Friday. It wasn't quite your old-fashioned revelation, but based on her track record of grabbing new ink in relation to her newest musical inspiration, Little Monsters and casual observers of body art can both deduce that the letters in "ARTPOP" will likely have something to do with her next album. For the utterly dense, Gaga clarified what her photos meant on Sunday:

Evidence of new music has begun to surface this summer, yet these details about her new album come ahead of schedule; Gaga previously revealed to fans on Twitter that she'd be announcing the title—of the material she's already played for her record label—in September. If she can't wait four weeks, it must be really good. Gaga's suggested, yet unconfirmed, acronym has inspired us to come up with a few of our own. ARTPOP could equal:




Whether ARTPOP is truly Gaga's spin on the pop art movement has yet to be seen. But can such a thing as the ARTPOP Ball exist? If not, someone has some work to do before next year's inevitable world tour.