Amanda has a new roomie and she’s bringing LOTS of sparkles and pink!

Tonight’s episode of Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor is gonna be an action packed one—and Popdust has sneak peek video.

Brittany is definitely a girlie-girl and she’s planning on a little redecorating when it comes to her new home.. but lashings of pink and sparkles may not go down too well with current resident and new roommate, down to earth, Amanda.

Brittany’s never one to dress down, even when she’s in moving mode—clad in high heels and full makeup as she lugs her possessions into her new trailer.

Maybe it’s just as well she’s glammed up though as it doesn’t take long before she spots the park’s hunky new handyman, Brock, and sparks fly immediately.

What have you let yourself in for Amanda?!!!

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