"This is my life, today over the years — through my eyes," reads the explanation of Beyoncé's new Tumblr page. "My family, my travels, my love. This is where I share with you, this will continue to grow as I do." Pretty intimate for an artist who has been fairly resistant to social media to this point in his career. But apparently this is only the beginning—in addition to the Tumblr, which assembles pictures of Queen Bey and her life in various stages of fabulousness (on a yacht with Solange, holding hands with Jay, dressed up as Spiderman for a night out), Beyoncé has also cleared the decks on her Twitter account and launched Beyoncé.com, a new all-encompassing weB experience. ("B" is capitalized for Beyoncé, if that was somehow unclear.)

"To my BeyHive fans all around the world—I AM....ONLINE!!" Beyoncé wrote in an expository note to her fans. "This is only the beginning, we have so much planned for my site. So much being created, so please, stay connected, stay tuned, and be good to each other." (She has unsurprisingly lovely handwriting, by the way—casual, but dignified.) How excited are we for this new development? Well, based on the site's vocabulary section, we're certainly buzzing on some level. More pictures always please.