Remember that concert in Oslo, whether via in-person or YouTube memory, where Ke$ha brought Alice Cooper on stage for "School's Out" and then they got all Twitter-chummy afterward? Here's what that was all about. As we mentioned before, Cooper has an album coming out, Welcome 2 My Nightmare (the 2 is a pun on the 1975 album Welcome To My Nightmare, for the younger among you.) And it's an album with a Ke$ha duet, "What Baby Wants."

Now, the Popdust audience is a lot less likely to be surprised by this than, say, longtime Alice Cooper fans, but really, there's no reason to be surprised at all. (Mildly creeped out by the Damn Yankees-y title and the fact that Ke$ha, an avowed Jagger fetishish, calls the guy "dad"? Sure, we can see that.) Alice Cooper hangs out with Lady Gaga and performs with the A*Teens. Clearly, he is OK with modern music.

And clearly, Ke$ha is OK with rock, specifically balls-out, irreverent rock and roll; according to Cooper's press release, she "wrote the most wicked lyrics in the song." Of course she did. You don't become successful as a studio songwriter without knowing how to tailor your songs to their performers. All this does leave one question, though: what the hell does this TANGENT OF RAWK have to do with the over-shiny "Shots on the Hood of My Car"? Ke$ha is so confusing.