Do you rewatch the scintillating musical numbers from Smash over and over again? Or is your reaction more like Broadway Abridged's: "Katharine McPhee: Ive sung my obligatory pop number. Do I get paid now?" (From their recaps, which are required reading.) NBC's banking that at least some of you are the former, because those numbers--the pop-song covers plus the Marilyn Monroe plot pieces, the old stuff and the Ryan Tedder-penned stuff--are being compiled for a soundtrack out March 1.

Is anybody actually going to buy this? Probably. Possibly. Potentially? Let's just turn to our "Talking Smash" correspondents, who would know:

Emily: "Most of them are the covers they do on the show. Very Glee--but unlike Glee's covers, they probably won't do better than the originals. ...And I don't think they're that great."

Samantha: "Extremely boring. Kind of like Smash's lead."

Noted. But if those reactions make you upset, perhaps you'll be interested in the tracklisting, below:

1. “Touch Me” featuring Katharine McPhee

2. “Stand” featuring Katharine McPhee and Leslie Odom

3. “Who You Are” featuring Megan Hilty

4. “Crazy Dreams” featuring Megan Hilty

5. “Beautiful” featuring Katharine McPhee

6. “Haven't Met You Yet” featuring Nick Jonas

7. “Shake It Out” featuring Katharine McPhee

8. “Brighter Than the Sun” featuring Katharine McPhee

9. “Let Me Be Your Star” featuring Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty

10. “20th Century Fox Mambo” featuring Katharine McPhee

11. “Mr & Mrs Smith” featuring Megan Hilty and Will Chase

12. “Let’s Be Bad” featuring Megan Hilty

13. “History Is Made At Night” featuring Megan Hilty & Will Chase