Despite reports that noted serial heartbreaker John Mayer dumped recently divorced pop star Katy Perry over email, the two were spotted arm-in-arm at Los Angeles’ FYF Fest on Saturday night. An Instagram of her Perry and her crew featured a cowboy hat-wearing Mayer in the back, Perry smiling to his left. (The above photo is of them arm-in-arm way before any of this email-breakup business.) Not surprisingly, the comments aren’t very kind—Kitty Kats aren’t huge supporters of Mayer's. (“Can John Mayer ever just f*ck off?” katyfreakingperry wrote on one photo from the festival. “Yeah, I just hate him so much,” katyisperfect responded.)

Of course, no one really seems to really be a fan of this somehow not-over romance. Just last week you voted here for your favorite pop star summer romances, and the duo landed at the bottom, with just 5% of total votes. (One of Mayer’s most famous exes, Taylor Swift, ended up at the top of the list with her new beau, Conor Kennedy.)

According to E! Online, Perry and Mayer hung in the FYF Fest’s VIP section, enjoying sets from the likes of indie bands like Sleigh Bells, M83 and Purity Ring—“dancing together and stealing kisses,” said a source.