Taking time away from introducing a new generation to Jack Johnson, Cody Simpson made his best attempt at breaking Twitter with the announcement of his forthcoming album release date on Tuesday. Between a few EPs, live shows and the creation of a few plastic dolls with his likeness, the Aussie finally found a moment to nail down a release date with manager Scooter Braun on Tuesday. Because, as the guru would agree, it's time. Simpson's debut LP Paradise will be released on June 5, the same month that his friend Justin Bieber has hinted at dropping his new album Believe. The more the merrier, or does Scooter have some sort of 2-for-1 deal with recording studios?

Between awaiting a video for "So Listen" and counting down the days until he takes the stage with Big Time Rush, fans have a lot to keep them busy as they wait out the next two months. Still, Tuesday evening's announcement was met with the appropriate freakoutery by Simpsonizers everywhere. Maybe it's the Scooter influence that's drawn in similarly emotional bunch, but these devotees are making a strong push to soon become the premier fan base among teen listeners, with the potential to surpass Beliebers in terms of Twitter hyperbole. Experience their euphoria at Simpson's good news below. And Cody? Consider reaching out to Lori, she could use the hello.