What Does Bonnie McKee REALLY Think About All The Hit Songs She's Written?

Bonnie McKee's currently locked in promo made as she attempts to make the tricky transition from songwriter to pop star with her re-debut single, "American Girl." Naturally, most of the interviews she's been doing are just as much about the song's she's written for other people as they are about the ones she's done for herself, and since McKee gives such good chat, some of her answers are pretty interesting. Just check out what she had to say during a recent powwow with the newly-revamped MySpace.

On Taio Cruz's "Dynamite":

"I thought it was the dumbest song I had ever written and thought it was going nowhere. And I actually think it was biggest song I have written so far."

On Britney's "Ohh La La":

"It was written and then I came in and rewrote the lyric. It was too sexy and it needed to be more “Smurfy.” And more kid-friendly. But it still needed to work for radio, too. So I had to keep it tasteful but still have a little bit of that “Ooh La La,” if you will."

On Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream":

"Of course, I co- wrote with Katy, but I have had this theme of teenage nostalgia running through my own music since the beginning, like there was a song on my first album called “Confessions of a Teenage Girl,” and then I wrote another song called “Teenage Heart.” So to give up the word “teenager” and knowing that I would never be able to use it again was difficult for me."

On Christina Aguilera's "Let There Be Love":

"I love the song. Generally with the big pop stuff, the producers make the track that already sounds like a hit. Then, it is my responsibility to find the story within the track. I am a lifelong Christina fan so it just gave me chills to hear her sing words that I wrote. I wish the song had broken a bit more."

We agree with McKee: "Dynamite" is dumb, and we all wish that "Let There Be Love" had "broken a bit more." Or at all.

Rise up, Lotus!


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