We won't hold your suspense any longer. From what we can tell, Justin inked "I, IX, VII and V" on his chest. These are, in order of appearance, the numbers 1, 9, 7, and 5, which we surmise is him spelling the year 1975. Any Belieber knows that 1975 is, in fact, the birth year of Bieber's (hot) mom Pattie Mallette! Mystery solved. We've always known him to be a mama's boy, and now anyone who happens to glance just south of his clavicle (aka, like, everyone!) will also know. Forever.

All that said, someone call Inkaholics Anonymous!

In the past year alone, the Biebs has inked an obscure tattoo of a Native American chief on his back, an owl on his arm, praying hands on the back of his leg, and a straight-up Jesus on the front of his leg. If we were Pattie "Born in 1975" Mallette, we'd send Justin straight to the local library check out The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Tattooing.