What Does Team Breezy Think of Chris Brown's Horrible New Tattoo?

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Look, we get it, Chris Brown fans. It's not fair that you're routinely pilloried and blamed for everything wrong with America, while old white dudes who idolize John Lennon or Charlie Sheen get off scot-free. As a culture, we agree that you can separate art from the horrible actions of the people who make it—unless that artist is Chris Brown. There's a double-standard there, and you all are getting the short end of it.

But the flip side of "Liking someone's music doesn't mean you endorse all their actions" is not endorsing all their actions.

It doesn't matter if it's a "sugar skull" or a Day of the Dead reference, Brown's new tattoo looks, to anyone who's not Chris Brown, exactly like the famous image of a bruised and bloody Rihanna. If Brown legitimately didn't know that, then he's clueless; and if he did, well, then he's a horrible troll. Either way, the reaction of #TeamBreezy on Twitter has been predictably disappointing:

Still, though, not all of Brown's fans have been so forgiving:

Here's a thought experiment: What would Chris Brown have to do in order for Team Breezy not to be OK with it? Quit music? Kill a puppy on TV? Commit genocide?

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