The Wanted were hard at work filming the video for "I Found You" on Wednesday, allowing faithful Fanmily members to stay connected with their various scenes and costars via a consistent stream of updates. Note to all other stars who are stingy with sharing similar behind-the-scenes moments: keeping fans plugged in to your daily routine doesn't necessarily detract from your work. The boys had the entire shoot finished by nightfall.



While their previous videos have been heavily rooted in party scenes and supernatural love interests, you can't blame us for wondering if the boys would be going back to an exotic locale or mining the available pool of hot zombie women for their newest clip. The abundance of falsetto in the track is nothing short of epic; we wouldn't expect the video to be anything less. From the multitude of Twitter updates, we know there was a dog on set (named Boris!) whom the boys dubbed the sixth member of the group for the day, a vacant brick house and some fancy wardrobe changes.






Nathan is doing his best to not let such a well-tailored suit and God-give handsomeness distract you from his powerful vocals, while Max took a strong liking to their rent-a-pet. 



Even after our extensive lyrical analysis, we never would have guessed "I Found You" was about the love between a man and his cute canine. Having such a loyal companion probably helped him deal with the minor injuries he suffered on set. 



Perhaps Jay had something to do with this:



Before you start a #PrayForMax hashtag, rest assured the accidental injury was nothing a little nap couldn't fix.



Don't let this photo make you too jealous, Boris. That pussy means nothing to Max! Eh, too late. 



Considering it was such a tiring work day, it's nice to know the guys are well fed while on the job.



They probably built up quiet the appetite with all that work.


Or, "work." That last tidbit from Young Nathan makes it seem like the day couldn't have been all work and no fun. We'll get a look at the final cut soon enough, but for now, leave your theories as to what the official video will look like in the comments below.