The New York Observer's piece on the opening of Lil Wayne's neon-nightmare fashion line Trukfit is probably one of the most worthwhile things you'll read today. Oh, sure, there's an argument to be made--by which we mean it's been made right around the time Tha Carter IV's first week moved about 800,000 more than anyone expected--that Wayne's style isn't irrelevant but so-irrelevant-it's-actually-relevant. Lil Wayne finds it relevant, at least; the article quotes him as saying "I just wanted my brand to be a reflection of myself and how I handle things and how I look and how I go about things," a statement that'd be mind-bogglingly focus-grouped and bland if it weren't talking about bright pink tees, plaid and jeggings. You might be inclined to doubt the success of such ostentatiousness, but again, people did that for Carter IV....

We'll leave it to your off-site reading to learn how this party played out--it involves "walking jawlines in board shorts"--but in the meantime, here are a few highlights:

1. The part where Wayne, wearing a hot pink cap and moon boots, is eating a lollipop. It makes sense in his discography, but nevertheless, why? "I got a sweet tooth," he said. Got it.

2. This sentence: "Also: their skin, from top to bottom, was slathered in glittering silver paint." Far be it for us to spoil it with context.

3. No, this sentence: "'You know what would make this party even better?' [an attendee] said. 'If they were playing Aaliyah … and I had some weed.'" Foreshadowing? Wishful thinking? Guess you'll have to read to find out. (We press the issue so much because it will improve your life.)