What Has Jared Leto Done To His Face—Plastic Fantastic Or Au Naturel?

What Has Jared Leto Done To His Face—Plastic Fantastic Or Au Naturel?

You decide.

Jared Leto has perfectly maintained his Jordan Catalano good looks ever since 1994's My So-Called Life.

Sure, he's grown out his hair to the mandatory Jesus length, shaved it off again, gained am impressive 67 pounds to play John Lennon's beefy assassin, Mark David Chapman, in the 2007 film Chapter 27.

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And, yeah, he died it green for Batman, then back to platinum, and even transformed into a woman for Dallas Buyers Club.

A face untouched by the hands of time.

Still, his face seems almost eerily untouched by the hands of time.

The same angular jaw line, close set baby blue eyes, and upturned nose throughout each and every incarnation.

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Until now.

At this year's Academy Awards, Leto appeared looking more like a wax sculpture version of himself.

Wax work on the red carpet.

His forehead was tighter than Julianne Hough's ass, his eyes were unnaturally crease-less, and his face looked so stiff it almost looked like he was trying not to smile.

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Leto's tux wasn't the only thing getting attention at this year's Oscars

What gives?

Leto looks a lot closer to 24 than to his actual 44, what's the happs? Plastic fantastic or au naturel?

Popdust enlisted the help of celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Tornambe to clear up the mystery.

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“Puzzling," Dr. Tornambe tells Popdust. “Most leading men of all ages actually look good with a few wrinkles; Jack Nicholson, Hugh Jackman, even George Clooney, are all aging gently and graciously."

Bucking the trend.

“Jared seems to be going the other direction," Dr. Tornambe continues. "In the Oscars photos, he appears to be suffering from Botox overdose, especially to the forehead, which looks not only frozen, but hard, like a block of granite!"

[Or Julianne Hough's ass!]

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And there's the whole…rest of his face, too.

“His mid-face and jawline also appears thinner and more chiseled, either from weight loss or micro-liposuction.

The changes to his face actually robbed attention from his unusual Gucci tuxedo, not an easy feat!"

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Seriously, WTF were you thinking Leto?

You looked like you were going to a Conway Twitty tribute at the Grand Ole Opry.

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