If you ever wondered what Chris Brown would look like if he decided to go after the Troy Polamalu look, but kinda went too far with it and ended up as just a homeless person, today is gonna be a good Friday for you. We're not really sure why there exists this Instagrammed pic of Chris with super-long hair, a shaggy beanie, Raiders shirt, tattoos and a super-sour expression on his face—actually, we're pretty used to the latter three, but the super-long hair is kind of a new one—but, uh, geez Louise.

Has it been way longer since we last saw Chris than we realized? Did Karrueche really, really hate long hair? Is this picture just the physical manifestation of the way Chris Brown really feels inside? Either way, it's not too late to go as Grizzly Brizzly for Halloween. Just an FYI.