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What to Expect from Nintendo's Hands-On "Switch" Event

Come January 13th the press will get their first chance to play around with Nintendo's come-back kid, the Switch.

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Nintendo is taking another shot at console competence. The Nintendo Switch came out the gate running games like Skyrim, NBA 2K17 and, of course, beautiful new versions of its illustrious first party titles like Mario and Zelda. What they were trying to show, after all these years, is that Nintendo is finally coming out with a console that can do both: a hardware heavyweight capable of operating both bread-and-butter universals like Battlefield and Skyrim without losing sight of their whimsical first party staples. Forget the handheld/console combo, which could really go either way, the more exciting question is the competence of the hardware. Might we finally be reaching and era when those privileged or dedicated enough to gaming don't have to declare an XBOX, PC, or PS allegiance while adding a "oh, and I have a Wii, too"?

It looks like we'll be finding out sooner rather than later.

Nintendo, which has been fairly mum on Switch details, will be hosting a hands-on Switch event in NYC on January 13th, 2017. In the evening, there will be streamed presentation of Switch details followed by a five hour private event for investors and media. The stream, which Nintendo has taken to calling its "Tokyo webcast," will be available for public consumption, while the private event will likely be under closer supervision, even for media.

Nintendo has announced a specific location or agenda for the event yet, but they did emphasize that it would clarify the "details that Nintendo plans to announce." If that sounds dodgy to you, then you wouldn't be too far off the mark. Since the debut of the Switch trailer, Nintendo has avoided giving specific answers on hardware specs and game availability.

As lightweight as this sounds, at the end of the day media will still be getting hands-on access to the Switch a couple months before its release, which is sure to stir the pot either way. Fans of the old Pokemon console games, Smash Bros, Mario titles and frankly anyone who resents how far mobile gaming has fallen are all praying for their success.

Check out the debut trailer for Nintendo's Switch below:

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