Sure, Billboard, say that Maroon 5 is #1 for a sixth week with "One More Night." See if we care. Hey, maybe we were wronga ll along. Maybe it actually is the timely, brilliant, iconic pop song this country is treating it as. Maybe it's every bit as good as "We Are Young," the other six-week #1 from 2012. Maybe "Gangnam Style" is a slight, ephemeral phenomenon that we'll be embarrassed to have ever in any way endorsed ten years from now. Maybe Adam Levine knows something that none of us will ever know.

Well, a bunch of those big-artist premieres from a couple weeks ago look to be making the battle a moot point before too long. Ke$ha (#8-5 with "Die Young), Rihanna (#11-8 with "Diamonds") and Bruno Mars (#33-15 with "Locked Out of Heaven") are all big gainers behind the two, and of course the official BBIA Taylor Swift will be an overbearing presence on the charts next week and possibly for the rest of the year, with seven of the top 20 slots on the iTunes charts belonging to her (a number that was twice as big earlier this week). Maroon 5's reign might be coming close to an end.

Of course, we said the same thing five weeks ago and every week since, so. Regardless, we're cool with it. This has pretty much been Maroon 5's year, anyway—we can't even remember any other hit songs this year, even. Only "One More Night."