Rita Ora just walked her very first red carpet at the Video Music Awards, sparkling head-to-toe in a bedazzled "custom-made" bodysuit. These events are typically a decently sized ordeal, what with pre-show prep and post-show revelry, so it's no wonder attendees bring a few supplies with them to make it through the night. So what does a U.K. native who's spent time hanging with Jay-Z and Beyoncé pack inside a pint-sized clutch before heading to a fancy party? Tabasco sauce, Orbit gum—"to stay minty"—and a blow torch. "Leave that to your imagination," she explained to the cameras. Is there time to squeeze in a new award for Best Accessories Brought to the VMAs?

Since we're still 30 minutes away from the real show, there has to be a way for Rita to find some eggs to spice up—and cook—from underneath her seat. Keep doing you, Rita.