It's Sunday, but we're giving you a quiz anyway, because we're stern like that. We're going to assume you're familiar with Game of Thrones, the TV and/or book series; if not, think epic fantasy and you'll be close enough for layperson's purposes. Now then. If Game of Thrones's musical schtick has been described as "ripped-bodice rock, and if HBO's picking their first contemporary pop song for its season-two trailer, which artist do you guess they'd pick?

The only answer's Florence and the Machine, really. You could maybe make a case for certain alternative pop artists and/or a few stragglers from the Twilight soundtrack. But really, if we're in the realm of medieval fantasy, it's got to be the artist whose album is called Ceremonials and whose tracks are called things like "All This and Heaven Too" or "Seven Devils," the track actually used.

(I'd have more to say about the trailer itself had I ever watched the show or read more than 20 pages of the books. So I'll have to trust YouTube user Ceridwen811 on this explanation: "Quite appropriate considering that the main religion of Westeros has seven Gods...")