Cee Lo Green is a man of many personas and many identities, but one quality is consistent across nearly all of them: Dude is a total ham. Yes, Cee Lo is an entertainer and a crowd-pleaser first and foremost, which is why we can't say we're terribly shocked to hear that the Ladykiller will be beginning a semi-permanent residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, to be entitled "Cee Lo Green Presents Loberace" (No, we didn't mean "Liberace," but thanks, Google) starting August 29th. What will the show consist of, you might ask? Well, the AP tells us two things, courtesy of the show's producers: "Mind-twisting magic and sexified showgirls." Sounds about right. (Though aren't showgirls pretty sexified by nature? Do they really need additional sexification?)

No indications about what the musical element of the show will include just yet, but if we had to bet, we'd say Cee Lo mostly sticks to his Goodie Mob and Dungeon Family-era stuff and mostly stays away from the big hits of recent years. Just make sure you stay away from the John Lennon covers, CL.