Some kinds of weirdness go beyond even Lady Gaga's purview. 20-year-old Oklahoman Angelina K. Barnes, who planned attending on one of Gaga's shows on the Monster Ball tour, allegedly slaughtered the family cat in the name of fashion, in order to wear the cat's blood as part of a costume to wear to the gig. The 15-year-old pet moggy was drowned, with its belly slashed, and its liver was found resting on a makeup case in the bathroom. Barnes was taken to a local hospital, and did not make it to the Gaga concert. (Neighbors would later call the violence "completely out of character" for Barnes.)

Though Mother Monster has certainly shown more understand than most pop stars for her fans' wild, occasionally demented behavior, we doubt she'd look too kindly on this particular instance of rabid fandom. Let's leave the flesh-dressing to the professionals, OK guys?

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